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Street & Arrow

From its site in Glasgow’s leafy Mansfield Park the sleek Street & Arrow airstream truck dishes up tasty modern street food. However this social enterprise does more than just good grub, it’s also serving up second chances for its employees. 

Street & Arrow hires former offenders for twelve month blocks. During that time workers are paired with a mentor who can help them master everything from basic employment skills like turning up to work on time through to debt management and relationship issues. 

“Its easy to  record criminality, but here at Street and Arrow I get to witness the benefits of preventing crime,” says Eddie a mentor with the programme.

“I witness  the remarkable transformation in the lives of those willing to access the support on offer. I try to be a positive male role model and a constant in the lives of the trainees. My job is to steer them through their trials and tribulations drawing on my own lived experience.” 

Street & Arrow was launched in 2016 as part of Braveheart Industries (BHI). The social enterprise also runs a café bistro at the Legacy Hub in Dalmarnock catering for the local community and events. 

BHI aims to create jobs and opportunities for those with a history of offending or at risk of committing crime. People with a record can often struggle to find employment however research shows that getting a job can be one of the biggest factors in preventing reoffending.  

“Getting a foot on the employment ladder can very often be viewed as an impossible task amongst those who have previous criminal history,” says Inspector Iain Murray who is the project lead for BHI. 

“Structure, training, support and guidance is key to transforming people, who may have been labelled as hopeless, into positive, contributing and valued members of our communities. At Street & Arrow we provide the platform for those ready to change, to step-up and make the difference, thus breaking the offending cycle and making our towns and cities safer, healthier and more prosperous for all.”

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