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Why is it important for us to engage with fathers in Scotland?

Dalmarnock Hub, Springfield Road, Dalmarnock, Glasgow

Thursday 28th April, 2016

0900 – 1530


If you have to look beyond the dinner table for a role model you are already at a disadvantage” - James, VRU

Thanks to communities working together violent crime in Scotland is now at a forty year low. Scotland is a safer place, however we cannot ever become complacent and say we have ‘violence fixed’. Whilst most men are not violent we cannot ignore the role that men continue to play either as perpetrators of violence or indeed victims of others men’s violence.

Some say that “fathers are our role models” - well they should be. It is easy to become a father but being a father isn’t. Fathers play a key role in the upbringing of their children. In many cases fathers will not always live in the same household as their children, however they still have a key role in the upbringing of their children

The Year of the Dad 2016 aims to raise the status of fathers in the UK. The VRU recognises the importance of engaging fathers to support long-term violence prevention and the need to increase the understanding of the contribution that fathers make to child development, family and community life. This is not a simple task and one that requires responses at an organisational level in acknowledging the family role of men and how a range of positive outcomes will be seen both at this level and within society as a whole.

This event with Father Network Scotland will provide an opportunity to discuss the difference great dads and positive role models can make, the key issues facing fathers and explore how to develop the involvement of dads and positive male role models at home and in the wider society. The day will also discuss:

  • Exposing and challenging the myths and stereotypes about men.

  • The significant and far reaching benefits the positive involvement of dads and father figures can bring to everyone.

  • What happens when positive male role models are absent in the lives of children?

  • What we can do to create a safe and compassionate Scotland where all children, their families and communities are enriched and strengthened through the full and welcome involvement of dads and positive male role models.


To register your interest for this event please contact June Hepburn on 01786 896785 or email