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Our acting Director Will Linden takes a look at recent reports that violence is increasing in Scotland.


Is violent crime in Scotland on the rise? The recent headlines say it is. But what do the available statistics actually tell us? 

We Still Have Much To Do


You would expect me to highlight all the encouraging trends around reducing crime and violence, and I will - but we also need to speak the uncomfortable truths – no level of violence is acceptable. I want Scotland to be the safest country in the world, we have come some way in the journey, but we are not there yet. We can argue about year to year rises or reductions but the truth is that the recent figures highlight we still have much to do.

A Tale of Two Towns - Sandy Hook

Amy is from the USA, from Newtown in Connecticut in fact. Like Dunblane, Newtown was a small quiet family oriented town, largely free from violence; there had only been one murder in the town in the ten years before December 2012. 

Newtown was home to Sandy Hook Elementary School.

A Tale of Two Towns

Our first blog is from one of Medics against Violence's Directors, Dr Michael Murray, now a consultant neuroanaesthetist at the QEUH. He was on duty as a young trainee anaesthetist in Stirling Royal Infirmary on the 13th March 1996; these are his memories of that day.

"There's been a shooting at a school"

Breaking the Cycle of Violence


Part 1: The Making of a Mentor

‘John’ spent decades of his life trapped in a cycle of addiction, violence and offending. In a new series of blogs he talks about how he finally broke free and how he’s now helping others to do the same in his role as a mentor with the VRU.

This is my story: